• Family Stories

Family Stories

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice supports many families throughout North and Central London and Hertsmere in different ways. Read just a few of the stories from those families who have benefitted from our support.

Rose and Sophie

Rose has looked after her grandchildren, Ben and Sophie, since they were small. Ben died three years ago from the same life-limiting genetic condition that affects Sophie.


I got used to seeing a list of things Joe can’t do, but no one had focused on what he can do, which is smile, communicate through music and make choices.

Rena’s Story

Noah's Ark Children's Hospice is so much more than a service, they are literally a lifeline to us. We say this because we are one of the families they have supported and still ...

Wiktor and Borys

Our sons Wiktor, Borys and Alexander were born three months premature as a result of complications during my wife's pregnancy. Unfortunately, Alexander suffered ...

Denise and Kye

We celebrate Kye's birthdays with street parties because they're so important to celebrate her life. They're a huge part of Kye's world. Now that she's 14 ...


Elsie was so very wanted when she was born on 23 February 2013. When they didn’t give her to us in the delivery room, we started to panic a little and knew at that point ...


My labour started very suddenly when I had my twin girls Zofia and Louisa seven weeks early on 1 July 2014. They were both very poorly when they were born but Louisa ...