We will provide your child with high quality, expert support.

Our care team is made up of eminent medical directors and highly experienced nurses, carers, therapists and social workers who are specialists in paediatric palliative care.

We also have a fantastic group of highly trained volunteers who provide support for families that’s really valued – from mowing the lawn, to taking siblings on local outings, to helping to organise paperwork.

We will always take an individual approach – adapting our care to meet the needs of every child, however complex their condition.

We have a wide-range of holistic and clinical services, with equal focus on both, which means we are able to offer as much choice as possible to children and their families.

We will strive to provide consistency and reassurance for the entirety of a family’s time with us.

This starts with the appointment of a dedicated Family Link Worker. From the initial assessment, we help children and families identify what support would be the most beneficial for them. You can find out more about how we can help here.

We offer support to the entire family, including dedicated sibling support.

We will do all we can to offer our support wherever it is required – whether in the home, in the community or at The Ark.

Whether we’re looking after children requiring long-term ventilation, providing a safe space to play, packing up a picnic for a family day out, or making a child’s room at The Ark feel just like home, we’re always there.



We always treat you with compassion and empathy


  • We put your child and your family at the heart of all we do
  • We are considerate: we act thoughtfully and behave with integrity
  • We go above and beyond to create precious moments
  • We do not judge

We are passionate about delivering the very highest standards of care


  • Our team is expert and dedicated
  • We are pioneering, creative and adaptable in our approach
  • We collaborate with each other and with you to provide the best care and experiences
  • We listen to you
  • We are considered and thoughtful in our responses

We are strong and ambitious in everything we do


  • We challenge conventional thinking and attitudes
  • We make bold decisions and think big
  • We do not shy away from making hard decisions or from challenging situations
  • We help you build resilience and empower you in difficult circumstances
  • We act with candour and integrity


Family Focus

We put the baby, child, young person and family at the centre of all we do


We approach each family individually and build care provision in partnership according to need


We promote resilience through building on family strengths, and are careful not to build dependence upon our services


We are able to offer care both at The Ark and within the community


We have a holistic social and clinical care model, with equal focus on both