Family Accommodation


The Meadows Wing has three comfortable family suites, where you can stay while your child is being cared for. There is even a well-equipped family kitchen where you can prepare your own food.

Baby, Children and Young People’s Bedrooms

In the Woodlands Wing we have six children’s bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, including sensory baths. Babies, children and young people can be admitted to the Woodlands Wing in the following order of priority:

End of life care. We work with families to make the end of a child’s life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. We work in conjunction with hospital and community teams to provide symptom management and holistic care in a child’s final days and weeks.

Step-down care. This provides training and support for parents and carers to bridge the gap between hospital and home and give them the confidence to care for their child at home.

Planned and emergency care. We are able to accommodate some overnight care, often commissioned by health or social care. However, overnight stays cannot be guaranteed and all admissions will be prioritised according to need.


Sensory Room

This room helps children with learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments to interact with the world around them in a safe environment and to build up their confidence.


Soft Play Room

A safe environment where all children can have fun.


The Den

A place in which to play games, watch a film, or have a go on the virtual reality headset. In short, to relax and have fun.


Creative Room

This is a space where children can create and express themselves through art. Being sensory based, Art Therapy supports emotional and psychological processing, and helps children make sense of challenging experiences. Materials might include paints, clay, collage, textiles and digital projection, and sessions can incorporate memory making and legacy work.


Music Room

Music Therapy is the communication of feelings and emotions through music. With the support of a professionally registered therapist, everyone has time to be seen, heard and listened to.


Hydrotherapy Room

Coming Soon.


Rainbow Café

Our in-house chef prepares fresh meals daily for visitors to purchase for a small cost. We are able to cater for families’ particular dietary requirements.


Multi-Faith Room

Whatever a family’s faith, religion or other system of belief, our aim is to support everyone, accommodating the family’s needs and respecting the way in which they care for their child and approach the end of their child’s life. Our Multi-Faith room offers space for contemplation and prayer.


Nature Reserve

The Children’s Sensory Trail, which is made from recycled rubber tyres and is fully wheelchair accessible, extends 1.2km around The Ark’s 7.5-acre nature reserve. The path passes around our Butterfly Meadow, Wildlife Ponds and Bluebell Wood, and includes various resting spots dotted around the trail.


Accessible Playground

The playground allows all children to get involved with everything from a wheelchair seesaw to a trampoline or accessible swing.


Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is situated immediately outside The Ark’s Atrium and Woodlands Wing (where the children’s bedrooms are located). The garden is an interactive, therapeutic social space designed for everyone; for children and their families, as well as Noah’s Ark staff and volunteers.

The garden includes plants and flowers with interesting textures, colours and aromas, as well as sensory instruments. It provides a stimulating and fun place for children and a tranquil, contemplative space for families.


Butterfly Room and Suite


We have two bereavement suites at The Ark, where a child can stay and be cared for after they have died and be visited by their family. A family can stay at our hospice building with their child throughout this time, with our full support.


“This is a place of life, of light, of joy and of play. This is a place that can let your children be more than the difficulties they face and are labelled with. This is a place where specialist care is offered, a place for families to connect, a place where the most precious of memories will be made.”

Rose, grandmother and sole guardian of Ben (who died in 2014) and of Sophie who currently benefits from our care.