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When providing end-of-life care, our team will do everything they can to ensure the child’s final days are as peaceful and comfortable as possible.



Together with the child’s existing team of healthcare professionals, we provide complex symptom management and holistic care over the last days and weeks. We work closely with the child, family and with professionals to understand in advance the child’s end-of-life plans and wishes. Our Care Team supports the whole family in creating lasting memories and meaningful experiences together. This includes holistic support from our Therapies Team and Family Link, as well as our Specialist Carers and Nurses.


We are able to provide end of life care, including support for compassionate extubation (the removal of life support) at both The Ark and in the family home.




We can provide care for new-borns, babies, children and young people up to 18, after they have died, either at home or at The Ark. This includes children who were not known to Noah’s Ark during their life, and those who died unexpectedly or suddenly through accident or illness. You can find out more about our post-death care here.


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We have Bereavement Suites at The Ark, where a child can stay and be cared for after they have died and be visited by their family. The family can stay at The Ark throughout, with our team providing support for everyone. This can range from practical support, such as funeral planning and registering the death, to emotional support, such as helping siblings through memory work. Family Link Workers offer post-bereavement support for up to three years following the death of a child. You can read more about our Bereavement Support here.


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