Sophie has always loved the water. When she was younger and more mobile, her grandmother, Rose, would often pop a rubber-ring on her so she could enjoy her local swimming pool. As Sophie’s condition
has progressed, however, this has become more unattainable and time in the water became few and far between.

For the last few months Sophie has been making full use of the hydrotherapy pool in The Ark. The warm water and buoyancy in this space helps stimulate circulation, making exercise easier and helping to ease pain and symptoms. Above all, our pool is somewhere young people like Sophie can have fun and relax.

“When Sophie first got into the hydrotherapy pool I found it quite emotional as she immediately relaxed, which was amazing to see as she spends a lot of time feeling quite tense. It gives her the space to just be her. She’s always been a bit of a mermaid – and it’s so rewarding to see that part of her come back in the water.”– Rose, Sophie’s grandmother and sole guardian.