It is important for all parents to experience some child-free moments. Whether that’s to go on a date-night, catch up on life-admin or simply have a lie-in – having some time to yourself when you are a parent is vital.

This isn’t always so easy to organise when your child is seriously unwell. This is the case for Andy and Jo, whose daughter, Izzy can’t simply be left with relatives for the weekend due to her complex needs.

Jo and Andy got in touch with Noah’s Ark to organise overnight care so they could have a weekend together. As the wellbeing of parents is just as much a priority as the wellbeing of the child who is unwell, we were delighted to make this happen.

And boy did they seize the opportunity! Not only did they attend a wedding, but also a music festival! We were so pleased they enjoyed themselves, safe in the knowledge that their daughter was having a wonderful time at The Ark in the care of our highly-trained team.

“We contacted Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice because Izzy’s happiness, health and wellbeing is our priority. Turns out they provide as much happiness, health and well-being to the parents as they do for the children (which is A LOT!). Being able to go to a wedding, a festival, and just have time with friends without having to wash syringes, suction, blend, nebulise and remember meds was incredible. We loved picking her up though!

I am so grateful to have this charity in our lives – they are an extended member of our family.” – Jo, Isabella’s Mum.