“Every time they come, we are very sure our children are in safe hands”

Nida and Waleed’s family were one of the families photographed by Rankin, and Noah’s Ark has been supporting them for over 10 years. Their eldest son, Hani, and little girl, Maryam, both have conditions that affect their development, but nothing stops them having fun at Noah’s Ark.

Nida says: “Noah’s Ark treats Hani like he’s a child, not a patient, and Hani sees the hospice as his chance to play. Our middle son, Adam, looks forward to visiting The Ark and having the carers come to us. My children are always excited and happy to see the Noah’s Ark team.”

Hani and Marium have Noah’s Ark carers who visit them regularly to play games, take them on trips and give Nida and Waleed a much-needed break. Adam is always invited to join the fun, creating one big, happy playtime.

Nida was very anxious when Maryam went out with her carer for the first time. But her worries disappeared the moment she saw the look on her daughter’s face.

Nida explains: “Maryam came back so happy… The specialist carers are very helpful and professional. They are all amazing!”

Waleed adds: “Every time they come, we are very sure our children are in safe hands. We don’t have to worry what they are doing. We feel relaxed.”

Noah’s Ark supports Nida and Waleed, as well as their children. They have a dedicated Family Link Worker called Alison, who’s their first point of contact if they need anything. Alison offers support, advice and guidance to help Nida and Waleed overcome any challenges they face.

“Alison is amazing. Whatever I’m going through, she is right beside me.” says Nida

Our mission at Noah’s Ark is to help children who are seriously unwell, and their families, make the most of every day. Nida and Waleed believe we do just that.

“Noah’s Ark understands the importance of each moment. They value the parents. They value the children. We are very happy with Noah’s Ark.”

Thank you for helping us be there for Nida and Waleed every step of the way.