“Noah’s Ark has been life changing for my family – I don’t know where we’d be without them.”

At Noah’s Ark, it is very rare that we tell a child or family that they can’t do something – we always try and find a way. But a few weeks ago, we did have to tell one child that they couldn’t do something….

We had to tell Jaida and her specialist carer, Alice, that they couldn’t listen to Rihanna quite as loudly as they were listening to her in the sensory room. Not everyone loves listening to Rihanna as much as Jaida – which is A LOT.

Jaida is three and a half and has been looked after by Noah’s Ark since she was less than a year old. As well as listening to music, her favourite things are wearing bright trainers (which have made her famous at The Ark!), being read to, and relaxing in the sensory room. Recently, Jaida is enjoying cuddles more – something Alice noticed and reported back to mum.

“It’s so special that Alice really takes the time to know and see Jaida, as outside of Noah’s Ark, Jaida can often go unnoticed.

People sometimes don’t know how to act around a child who has a disability. They aren’t trying to be mean, but because of this Jaida can fade into the background.”

At Noah’s Ark, Jaida is far from fading into the background – like all the children we support, she is treated like an individual with the team taking the time and care to get to know her properly.

“As soon as we enter The Ark Jaida is treated like the most important person. When she stays overnight they decorate her room exactly as she likes it. Everyone does all the can to make her feel special, which as a mum is so lovely to see.”

The team do all they can to ensure that the entire family, not just Jaida, get the star treatment. Faye’s partner Clem and his daughter have been gifted tickets to Tottenham Hotspurs, and both Grandmothers have attended pamper days at The Ark with Faye.

Although they know that Jaida has a rare genetic condition, she does not have an official diagnosis. Earlier in their journey, Faye and Clem used to pursue a diagnosis, but now they have decided to pour all their energy into something else…

“Everything we do now is about enriching Jaida’s life, bringing as much happiness as possible. Without Noah’s Ark, this would be so much harder and there would be far fewer magical moments. I feel so lucky to have them in our lives.”