Roscoe, Gina and their 12-year-old twins Ray and Arthur have been supported by Noah’s Ark since the boys were babies. When Ray was born, he suffered a bleed on his brain, which has affected his development. Despite his conditions, his wonderful personality shines through.

Roscoe explained: “Ray is a real character. He brings light into our lives.”

Vicky, one of our Play Specialists, first started visiting the family at their home when Ray and Arthur were just six months old. Gina told us: “Being introduced to Noah’s Ark was like finding someone who knew what you’re going through. We didn’t feel alone anymore. For someone to turn up at my house and just look after Ray was so important.”

Roscoe and Gina describe Noah’s Ark as a ‘constant in their lives’ and love spending time with Arthur and Ray at The Ark. Gina continued: “It’s hard for us to create memories as a family. But when you cometo Noah’s Ark you’re made to feel very special. Ray loves the soft play. It’s quiet and clean, and he enjoys being with his brother – it’s not easy for them to do things together outside of Noah’s Ark.

“The hospice supports Arthur a lot. He used to be so shy but now he goes to all the sibling groups, which have really helped him with his confidence. Arthur has met Harry Kane, seen Spurs play and been to Chessington World of Adventures, all thanks to Noah’s Ark.”

Roscoe and Gina are regulars at our Parent Groups and events, which they say make a world of difference.

“At Noah’s Ark you can meet people in a similar situation and immediately have an open conversation with them because you know they get it. You don’t have that anywhere else.”

The family took part in this year’s From That Moment campaign. Arthur was so excited the night before that we spent ages doing his hair in preparation!

Roscoe said: “Arthur came alive behind the camera. I don’t think we’d go for a photo shoot and feel comfortable anywhere else. The boys look wicked in the shot.”

It is such a privilege for us to help Roscoe,Gina, Arthur and Ray make the most of every day. We think they all look fabulous in their portrait!