Iliana loves Ed Sheeran, so it was only natural that he was a big topic of conversation during her initial assessment with Family Link Worker, Jo.

Following Iliana’s cancer diagnosis she was referred to Noah’s Ark to receive care alongside chemotherapy. During that initial assessment Natasha, Iliana’s Mum, shared with Jo:

 “I don’t know what you can do for us, but at the moment our life is so dark. If you can bring some light into your lives that would be the world of difference”.

A few weeks later, Jo rung Natasha to share some amazing news. She had managed to secure the family free tickets to see Ed Sheeran live! The family had an incredible night together singing along to all the hits and made memories to last a lifetime.

“Through this journey of incredibly sad and dark times, seeing Ed Sheeran was one of the best days of our lives. It will be a life-long memory for us.”

Ever since we began offering services in 2006, Noah’s Ark has been dedicated to providing the very best care for babies, children and young people who are seriously unwell. We take part in different forums and build links with experts in palliative care, other health care providers and charities to make sure families get the help they need to make the most of every day.