“If anyone will smell heaven… it’s Noah’s Ark”

Before Noah’s Ark came along, Ibush was nervous to leave his disabled son, Mal, alone with anyone. But as the trust has built up, so has Ibush’s appreciation for the care provided to his children and family:

“We didn’t want to let anyone close until Noah’s Ark – it’s so hard having a severely disabled child. You’re locked in. But since we met Noah’s Ark we know that we’re in the best possible hands. Everyone is so welcoming. There’s always a smile on people’s faces and that makes the biggest possible difference.”

The family is from Kosovo and Ibush remembers living through the war that ripped that country apart. He compares that situation with the lockdown that we’ve just emerged from. But he says that what made lockdown bearable was Noah’s Ark sending volunteers round with boxes of food and supplies. He says it ‘brightened the whole family’s day’.

He pays particular tribute to Maria, the family’s Noah’s Ark Family Link Worker. She supported the family to make their house fully accessible for Mal and has helped out with numerous practical issues. “It just feels that there’s someone in your corner. Any official-looking letter that comes through the door – I don’t have to worry because I know we’ve got Maria and Noah’s Ark on our side. They’re like a family to me”.

Ibush and the family hadn’t been on holiday for 14 years. They’ve never even had one or two days of rest… until Noah’s Ark intervened. Maria suggested that the family take a break and leave Mal to be cared for at The Ark – and that’s exactly what the family did. Ibush describes it as an unforgettable holiday – his other son, Kron, supported as a sibling by Noah’s Ark, and his wife, were also hugely appreciative of the break.

“I’m crying thinking how good the holiday was… and that’s all thanks to Noah’s Ark. Mal was like a different child after having stayed at The Ark – he was so happy. We’re always wonderfully surprised by just how good the care given by Noah’s Ark is – it’s perfect for Mal and children like him.”