This children’s hospice week, we’re honoured to share Andrea, Costel, and Nadia’s story. The film beautifully highlights the vital role Noah’s Ark plays in supporting families through the unimaginable loss of a child. 

While most of us can’t even imagine facing this situation, Noah’s Ark is there for families every step of the way. From practical guidance to emotional support, we provide a safe space for grieving.  

Nadia stayed in our butterfly suite after she died. This gave her parents precious time to say goodbye to her, in a space filled with memories of their daughter. 

Grief is a lifelong journey, not a one-time event. Noah’s Ark helps families navigate this path, understand their emotions, and, to quote our Bereavement Coordinator ‘find there is more life that they can live’.

You can find out more about our bereavement services here. 

A huge thank you to Andrea and Costel for bravely sharing your story with us. By doing so, we’re sure you’ve helped at least one other family feel less alone. 

Thank you to the 10 Group for creating this film pro-bono.