Step into the atrium of Noah’s Ark, where we recently hosted a magical evening tailored exclusively for our teenage group. With the stage set, complete with vibrant lights and a sound system, we transformed our space into a haven of musical delight.

The atmosphere was electric as our Noah’s Ark Young People, aged 13 to 19, gathered for a private concert experience like no other. For many, it was their first taste of live music and we were thrilled to provide them with this special opportunity in an intimate and safe space.

Our line-up featured two incredibly talented artists: Natalie Shay and Kdoublem. Their performances were nothing short of mesmerising, capturing the hearts of our young audience from the moment they took the stage. Natalie’s soulful renditions, including her own originals and even an exclusive sneak peek of an upcoming release, had everyone entranced, while Kdoublem’s energetic set left everyone buzzing with excitement.

But the magic didn’t stop there. In between sets, our teens immersed themselves in arts and crafts activities, unleashing their creativity by designing their own album covers. With Polaroid photos as their canvas, they let their imaginations run wild, adding colours, stickers, and personal touches to create unique masterpieces.

It was a day to remember—a celebration of music, creativity, and community with smiles from ear to ear. The engagement and interaction throughout the event exceeded our expectations, and we’re already looking forward to organising similar events in the future to continue fostering a sense of community and fun for all involved.

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