We’ve come swinging into the New Year with our first Dad’s Group of 2024 at Puttshack UK. Food, drinks and interactive golf, what more could you want? There were lots of laughs all around… and some friendly competition too of course!

This is a new group that has recently been added to the Family Activities Calendar. Georgia Godins, Noah’s Ark Events Coordinator, explains:

“We run lots of fun Parent Group activities; from Pamper Days to Chocolate Bouquet making! However, we felt that there was an area that could benefit from a little more attention, a space for dads to engage and build relationships with each other.

Our Puttshack event is only the third Dad’s Group that we’ve held, but since the very first group, it’s already grown in numbers. The dads have been able to start to build a small community amongst themselves which has been heart-warming to see and to be a part of.”

It’s been great to watch this group thrive so far and we look forward to what they have planned next.