John Trigg has been a volunteer photographer at Noah’s Ark for over five years. He has taken photos at everything from Family Days and activities to fundraising events and last year’s photo shoot with Rankin.

I’m John and I’m a volunteer photographer

John has captured so many special moments for the families we support. And it all started when he saw an advert saying ‘volunteers wanted’. John told us:

“Photography was a hobby I’d always enjoyed and so I applied for the volunteer photographer role quickly after seeing the advert. It’s been a great ride! With Noah’s Ark I’ve photographed the Duke of Gloucester, various celebrities and worked alongside Rankin. The opportunities I’ve had are incredible. Volunteering means I’m doing more than just pushing a button on a camera. People are so appreciative, and I know the photographs will get used.”

John thinks everyone should try volunteering because it gives people an ‘opportunity to explore things’ they’d like to do.

“The people you meet in the charity sector are here because they want to be, and so if you have a hobby or interest you can put to productive use, give it a go. Volunteering at Noah’s Ark enables you to contribute to an incredibly worthy cause – that’s the bottom line really.”

“I am very proud to tell people I’m a volunteer photographer at Noah’s Ark. This place is just incredible!”

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big “THANK YOU” to all our volunteers.

You can find out more about volunteering at Noah’s Ark here.