Children’s palliative care is life-long, supportive care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

It’s all about helping children enjoy life as children, rather than as patients; as families, not just as carers.As medical advancements mean that children with complex needs are able to live for longer, the need for life enhancing palliative care is growing on a global level.

Despite being such an essential pillar to modern healthcare, palliative care is not very well understood by both the general public and healthcare professionals alike. We know that this adds to a family’s sense of isolation and prevents children and families from accessing our services.

Heard, a charity that works with people and the media to inspire content and communication that changes hearts and minds, is working tirelessly to overcome these barriers in communication. Their programme on Children’s Palliative Care has been invaluable as we continue to develop our communications, and we were delighted to partner with them in delivering a talk on how to talk about children’s palliative care at our first ever ‘Charity Partner’s Brunch’ in April this year.

Thank you to the entire team at Heard for your excellent work in this area – we know it will help more babies, children and young people across the country get access to the support they need.