Did you see Zofia on last year’s BBC Children in Need? Noah’s Ark receives a 3-year grant from Children in Need to part fund our Specialist Care Team. Last year BBC Children in Need featured a film that followed a day in the life of Jules, one of our Specialist Carers, which included a visit to Zofia. Read about the impact that Jules – and the whole Noah’s Ark Team – has had on Zofia and her family here…

“My labour started very suddenly when I had my twin girls Zofia and Louisa seven weeks early on 1 July 2014.

They were both very poorly when they were born but Louisa was the lucky one and got better after being on a ventilator. Zofia didn’t respond as well and her lungs began expanding and putting pressure on her heart. On the second day of her life she had a very serious cardiac arrest and a stroke of some kind which caused bleeding into her brain. This resulted in severe brain damage and her problems really started that day.

I was shocked and terrified. I spent a month in hospital with them while they monitored Zofia and Louisa, trying to find out how badly Zofia’s brain had been damaged and to stabilise her breathing.

Zofia & JulesWhen I was told that Zofia would never walk or talk and in all probability would be completely unresponsive and have little awareness of her surroundings, it was one of the worst days of my life.

I was really struggling without any support – my mom was still working then and I couldn’t seem to get things in place that worked for all of us. I was on my own with three children and needed help to care for Zofia. One of the health professionals at the hospital mentioned Noah’s Ark to me, and their Family Link team came to visit us to find out what we needed and, as soon as they could, they sent Jules to us.

Jules is Zofia’s Specialist Carer and life is much happier and more manageable now.

Just to get out of the house with Zofia means packing the suction machine, oxygen, a feed, medication, everything has to be organised – it’s overwhelming for me but Jules makes a lot of things like this possible.

When Zofia was recently in hospital in Cambridge, Jules came to see her and brought their big brother Patrick along with him in the car from London… it made my day!

Zofia recognises Jules’ voice and gets excited when he arrives. The time that Jules gives us means I can be there fully for Zofia, Louisa and Patrick – I can be the best mum I can be.”

Monika, Zofia’s mum.

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