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Family Activities

Through our Family Activities programme we enable families to have fun, develop confidence, make friends and build a community of support.

Family Activities are held mostly on weekends or during school holidays, exclusively for families supported by Noah’s Ark.

We recognise that there are potential barriers to play and leisure opportunities for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, many of whom are disabled and have complex needs. Noah’s Ark Family Days are all wheelchair accessible and designed to be inclusive, regardless of physical or cognitive ability. They give families a chance to meet others who are experiencing similar circumstances and create precious memories together.

We hold events and activities for the whole family, siblings, parent’s, Noah’s Ark children and young people.

Our Noah’s Ark Children’s Groups offer children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions time away from home without their family. Through these groups we aim to promote positive development, build a sense of independence and provide the opportunity to form friendships with their peers. Activities include immersive theatre, dance workshops, cookery and accessible sport. The same principles apply to our Sibling Groups which are divided into groups for 5-9 year olds, 10-13 and 14-18 year olds.

Please take a look at our Family Activities Calendar below for more information. If you would like more information about any of these events, please contact Becca at or Megan at or call 020 8449 8877.

The Whole Family
March 24 Penguins (5-9) & Zebras (10-13) Groups - London Wildlife Centre
March 27 Parent Pamper Day
April 06 Middle Siblings Group (10-13) - Dance Workshop
April 07 Older Siblings Group (14+) - High Ropes Course
April 09 Younger Siblings Group (5-9) - Indoor Interactive Park
May 02 Monkeys Group (0-4) - Soft Play
May 18 Farm Visit
May 28 All Siblings - Summer Activity Day
May 31 Iguana & Penguin Groups (5-9) - Theme Park Trip
June 08 Parent Group - Screen Printing
June 23 Youth Group (14+) - Creative Zone
June 29 Crocodile & Zebra Groups (10-13) - Adventure Playground

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