Family Link

Family Link Workers are usually the first point of contact for newly referred families. They will remain the primary link between the family and the hospice and will maintain contact as the child and family’s needs change. Reviews carried out at least annually allow services to be adjusted appropriately. Family Link Workers offer practical and emotional support as needed, continuing after bereavement if required by the family.

Providing opportunities for peer support is also very important. The Family Link Team oversees regular parent groups in which parents and carers can share concerns and information with each other, providing mutual support to one another.

Our Bereavement Support service provides a continuing link with families for up to three years following the death of a child. During this time, families may attend a regular Bereaved Parent/Carers’ Group or receive individual support if they choose.

We also hold an annual Memory Day in which families come together to remember the children during a brief memorial event, which includes memory making activities for the whole family.