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Why Noah’s Ark is causing a drama

27 APRIL 2018

We all know that movement is good for the body and mind which helps with physical, emotional and mental fitness. At Noah’s Ark we recognise the importance of being able to move and express yourself so we have Amy – our Drama and Movement Therapist.

Drama and movement therapy is used in many situations worldwide to help children, families and individuals with personal growth and to improve mental health. This can involve exploring emotional difficulties through the medium of drama as well as supporting intellectual, emotional, and motor functions of the body through movement.

The babies, children and young people we support live with 92 complex life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. During her sessions, Amy uses a mixture of verbal and non-verbal creative tools to encourage the exploration and expression of feelings and thoughts from the children. This specialised form of therapy can support those with complex needs to experience personal growth and develop relationships. Sessions may include drama, improvisation, storytelling, play and movement.

“Drama and play are the ways children and young people communicate – their natural way of expressing themselves. For children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, drama is a wonderful way of aiding their development.”

Amy Keenan – Noah’s Ark Drama & Movement Therapist

By using this therapy Amy helps children overcome the social, physical, emotional and cognitive developmental challenges they face, improving their overall well-being. It helps children come to terms with their condition while helping to relieve negative associations with the clinical care they receive.

“Group work allows for socialisation and peer-to-peer support, adding another therapeutic aspect to our support. Children and young people are able to learn and explore more about themselves and others, aiding them in everyday life,” says Amy.

Better still, drama and movement therapy has a positive impact on the whole family. A study conducted by Contact a Family found that 72% of families with disabled children experience poor mental health such as anxiety and depression. Creative Therapies help to facilitate communication between children and their families, creating positive final moments for the whole family at the end of the child’s life and coping with loss.

Drama and movement therapy has a really positive impact on those that receive it. To find out more about its uses and effects visit Good Therapy.

At Noah’s Ark we also offer Music Therapy and Specialist Play Therapy.

All of our therapies give memorable experiences to the children and families we support. If you would like to help fund specialists like Amy please donate and help us carry on this vital work.

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