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A little taste of something different

04 JANUARY 2018

A Noah’s Ark supporter has taken a pinch of love, a spoonful of deliciousness and a great big dollop of generosity by writing a cookbook for charity.

Lilian Cordell – a long-time Noah’s Ark supporter and Events Committee member – has produced Miriam’s Table, a wonderful cookbook based on the dishes inspired by her mother Miriam. Miriam was a member of the Bukharian Jewish community (now known as Uzbekistan) and the book features over 80 traditional family dishes that are easy to make and have been passed down through generations.

Miriam’s Table is “the definitive bible on Bukharian home cooking” and profits are shared between Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice, Teenage Cancer Trust and North London Hospice.

Grab your copy now at and try some of these fantastic dishes. Your tastebuds will love you for it!

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