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Miriam's Table Cookery Demonstration

05 DECEMBER 2019

Almost a year ago Lilian Cordell – a long-time Noah’s Ark supporter produced Miriam’s Table, an award-winning cookbook based on Bukharian dishes inspired by her mother Miriam.

Miriam’s Table is a tribute to a small but significant Jewish community nestled in the heart of Uzbekistan: The Bukharian community.  The book is a little about that community, and a lot about the food that, at times, is as rich as its history.

Lilian will be bringing Miriam's Table to The Ark through a cookery demonstration with seven delicious dishes & drinks that will showcase the state-of-the-art kitchen at our brand new children’s hospice building for the very first time.

The Ark children's hospice building is set on a beautiful 7.5 acre nature reserve. At its heart, the oak-framed atrium has been designed to maximise the natural light and give views across the stunning landscape outside. Join us for an evening of culinary delights with Lilian and experience The Ark at this exclusive event. Definitely not an experience to be missed!


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