My name is Alice. I’m a Specialist Carer at Noah’s Ark.

Specialist Carers are a vital part of our Care Team.

Our equivalent of a Healthcare Assistant, Specialist Carers provide essential care to the babies, children and young people that we support working both in The Ark and delivering our Hospice at Home service. Alice has worked at Noah’s Ark for two years and explains what being a Specialist Carer is:

“We’re trained by Paediatric Nurses, to provide support to the nursing team and care for the children.

We spend time with children to support their clinical, emotional, social, and practical needs, making use of sensory, fun, and stimulating activities. This allows parents and siblings to take a short break and have some time to themselves.”

A world of difference.

Alice helps to support Leia. Alice says:

“I’ve been Leia’s Specialist Carer for a year now. It started off just seeing Leia in The Ark where we would use the sensory and soft play rooms. Leia absolutely loves the sensory room and listening to music.”

Having this support can make a world of difference to parents. As Leia’s Dad, Tom says:

“We can’t leave our daughter with many people. Leia has very complex medical needs and is profoundly disabled, so we can’t hire a babysitter… The time that she spends with Alice is, it seems, really, really special to her. Looking at the look of trust and love and joy that Leia has when she looks at Alice is wonderful to see.”

Alice adds:

“Being a Specialist Carer is so rewarding. I love spending time with the children and getting to know the family, it takes a little time and effort to build the bond but seeing the smiles makes it all worthwhile.”

We are currently recruiting for our nursing and specialist care team. Find out more by visiting our careers page: Home | Noahs Ark Childrens Hospice (